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Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana has worked for 72 years manufacturing Unani drugs in a pure and precise format. The founder HAKIM ZIA-UD-DIN made and marketed the quality Unani products himself right from the start. Day by day Feroze Ajmali Dawakhana works hard to provide the pharmacopeia which is an official publication containing a list of medicinal drugs with their effects and directions for their use as well as the compound Unani products which are practised in the clinic of Feroz Ajmali Dawakhana.

Project Details

Feroze Ajmali was looking for expert web designing and developing company who could create a modern and professional website for their services and products. With their new style of website, the client wanted to be able to explain every product that they sold. Along with this, they needed an updated price list which potential customers could download which listed their full range of herbal products.Furthermore they wanted to publish their monthly publication Zia Ul Hikmat on the website too for their customers to read.
Secondary requirements included having a fully responsive website which was mobile compatible and could be viewed on different mobile devices. This website also had to be designed as an SEO compatible site.The client requested having a consultation form created so patients could contact Hakim directly through a detailed form as well as a having contact us form created which would enable them to contact for general queries.