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Silicon Technix has been developed to bridge the gap between two extremes (These are high quality at high cost and non-professional solution at low cost). The key differences between our competitors and us are described below.

  1. We offer free pre-consultancy services regardless of any size or nature of the business.
  2. We offer customised online solution with the personalise touch.
  3. We offer high quality web development at affordable cost.
  4. We offer content writing service within some of our web development packages.
  5. We offer a limited free post-support service.
  6. We offer basic SEO compatibility with every website.
  7. We offer basic web security with every web solution.
  8. We offer fully responsive and professional looking websites.
  9. We offer website maintenance packages.
  10. We are here to help any time because we are based locally.
  11. We follow the European standards.
  12. We also follow GDC and CQC and ICO standards for our Dental websites.

The demand and Growth rate for the web development and marketing services in the small and medium enterprise is all the time high and shows no sign of slowing in near future. Even more astonishing is the fact that a huge number of Web development companies are focusing on the very expensive enterprise solution and some Web development companies are providing very cheap web based solution which just satisfy the basic needs of the customers.
To bridge the gap between the two extremes, Silicon Technix is providing a customised and cost effective Website analysis, design, development, hosting and Support to small and medium organisations. Our experienced Web Development Team provides some unique features in the websites which are worth considering:
• Professional Contents
• Basic Web Security
• Platform Compatibility
• Professional Look and Feel
• Personalised touch
• SEO Compatibility

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