Tracking App

The aim of the Tracking App project is to vogue associate humanoid app that allows Transport homeowners (users) to trace their vehicles, see the transporter’s period of time position on the map once the transporter has departed from the place of origin. The app conjointly includes the practicality of video call/Voice, If the transporter’s vehicle doesn’t move for quite 15 minutes (which is adjustable) then a notification ought to be sent to the transporter. The system keeps the whole route history for a vehicle.

Product Features

App has two versions
• Driver App
• Admin App

Driver App

Driver App includes the next features:

  • Login
  • Tracking
  • Route Marking
  • Real-time speed meter
  • Off the route alert, to notifies the thrust if he moves away from the allotted route

    Receives video and audio calls from admin to talk about any issues

    The assigned route can disappear once the completion of the journey

    begin and endpoints are displayed with completely different colors to differentiate between departure purpose and destination clearly

    Shows driver’s real-time locations on the map for the route help

    GPS activate choice from at intervals the app


Tracking App
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Admin App

Admin App includes the following features:

  • show driver’s period of time location for tracking

    show driver’s direction

    produce new users with completely different roles

    Send invitations to the users to hitch the app

    User edit and remove choice

    Add a replacement vehicle to the system

    Assign a vehicle to a driver

    Assign a route to a driver

    Disable route once completion

    Configuration screen with configuration choices like, off route radius, location update interval

    A contacts screen that displays all the drivers at intervals the system

    Active or inactive standing of each driver

    decision a driver video and audio

    Driver mobile’s battery status

    Alert on driver’s inactivity

    Drag the pin to any location for locations that aren’t registered on google map

    GPS activate choice whereas App is loading

Further Enhancement

The following feature can be added

  • Off the route notification

    begin time and finish time

    All drivers show on the Desktop version

    Add intervals for each route like night keep

  • Multi Admin
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The tools and technologies known below are chosen once considering quality, compatibility, scalability, economics, and development time. If the consumer desires the U.S. to rely on the opposite technology in implementing the projected solution, we’ll be happy to guage different options.

Tools and Technologies

Android Spring Boot JavaGoogle Geolocation Voice/Video Calls

Operating Systems

Mobile: Android 5.0 – 9 Server: Ubuntu/Windows


SQLite(Android) MySQL(Server)