Soomaal Investment is an investment platform that looks to help Somali start-up companies grow and succeed anywhere in the world, primarily in Somaliland & Somalia. They are looking to help develop the country and strive to build the economy. The idea is that they will help the Somalian start-up companies gain investors as well as help to grow these companies to reach new heights. From the investor’s point of view, they will be given full decision-making capacity as to which companies are eligible for funding. For any company that is being invested into, will also give the investors a share in their business and allows them to grow with them as well.

Project Details

Soomaal Investment wanted us to provide them with a platform for start-up companies to be able to fundraise for their projects and on this same platform, Investors could choose which projects they wanted to invest in. This would also give the investor a share in the company too based on the level of how much you invested, from which they would be given a share of the company.

As the company grows, so does the level of shares that the investor has in the company. Once we understood the scope of the website project, we produced a beautifully designed platform that was functionally easy to use and explained exactly what the investment platform was all about. We also made sure that all the design elements had been completed and that the platform was built in a way so that changes and new pages could easily be added further down the line.

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 CSS3    HTML5    Javascript    PHP   

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 Bootstrap    Wordpress   

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