Labour Friends of Pakistan

Faiz UL Rasool founded Labour Friends of Pakistan and he aimed to get the British Pakistani community engaged in British politics and to further develop the links between the Labour Party and Pakistan. They currently have a team on board who work with the Labour Party to formulate a policy that recognises Pakistan’s role in the world today and the importance of the UK-Pakistan relationship for both countries.

Project Details

Initially, Silicon Technix were approached by Labour Friends of Pakistan to maintain a platform that was provided by the Labour party. Then after a few years, our client approached us again to develop a brand-new website which our client wanted to have full control of. They needed a website Content Management System (CMS) that they could grow and adapt to their organisation’s needs but was also compliant according to GDPR guidelines. Our client also needed the website to be able to support daily content updates from a growing team of business officials as well as being mobile compatible which could be viewed on different mobile devices.

This also included a News and Bulletin section which the client’s administrators could also add to as a functionality. We built a Photo gallery and added a section for all the different events that had taken place and displayed photos and images where applicable. Finally, the client asked for a social media integration section whereby the news and posts were pulled out from Twitter and Facebook and linked into the Bulletin’s section.

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 CSS3    HTML5    Javascript    PHP   

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