Infinity Mist

Infinity Mist is an online E-cigarette company that sells different flavours of E-cigarettes. They also sell E-cigarette kits which come with a variety of different packaging.

Project Details

Infinity Mist approached Silicon Technix as they were looking for an experienced web designer to produce an E-commerce solution website for their E-cigarette business. The client sold different kits of E-cigarettes using different packages. The client also wanted to sell mixed flavours for two or three items to create a new flavour.

They also required the site to have three types of payment gateways included for online payments. Woo-commerce was used for the E-commerce element of the website in order to sell the products. Inventory has been monitored and reports have been produced the admin reports.

Written In

 CSS3    HTML5    Javascript    PHP   

Frameworks Used


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