The Impact of Web Design on Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

The Impact of Web Design on Your Digital Marketing Strategy!

A website that has been well designed and regularly updated and maintained, acts as the centre of your business strategies and marketing efforts. By considering core points of your digital marketing plan, your website can help to meet all of these business goals and marketing effectively.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the principal reason for a website to be built or redesigned, as SEO enhances your website’s prominence on the natural organic section of Google’s search engine results pages (or SERPs for short). The most important objective of SEO is to get a website to rank highly for specific search queries or keywords. Many businesses don’t understand that the fundamentals of website design don’t help all the ranking factors that contribute to higher rankings. Everytime Google has a major update it impacts and affects rankings, so businesses have to then redesign their website.

To recognise the link between web design and marketing, you need to look at any content on your website that is in duplicate. Since the digital marketing strategy is affiliated with Google’s algorithm, whenever you write content or develop your website, check that your content is not duplicated. This is because Google hates duplicated content and will penalise your website for that.

This kind of duplication can occur particularly on E-commerce websites where products with similar descriptions, but slight variances in their specifications are displayed on the same page. So Google or other search engines like Bing may see this as a duplication. To avoid this problem, set up separate pages for each product which has a similar description. Another point to consider at the back-end design of a website, is to make sure that Meta descriptions and Alt Tags are included as these are essential components of SEO.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

 The way your website has been designed will leave an impact on your conversion rate. The more impressive your website represents will determine how reliable your website might be. Since our brains likes simplicity, we naturally head towards websites which are easy to use but have a highly functional web design and this is crucial to user friendliness & digital success.

It is not easy to accomplish this though, but if your website has been designed too complicated, then it will slow down the website speed. Should your website be too simple, then your visitors will not find it informative enough, which ultimately will end up losing customers. So you need to get a good balance between simplicity and functionality. Therefore, as a business, you need to consider the conversion rate of your website and also the user experience.

  • User Experience (UX)

 You always need to keep you user in mind whenever you design or redevelop your brand image and website. The most important thing is to ensure your website is user-friendly as this will help to bring traffic through to your website. Since the design of the website has a big impact on the user experience for your visitors, make sure it is easy to navigate around and all the links are working with no broken sections. Check the loading speed of your website too. Should your website have a load of large images on there, then this will slow down the speed of your website browser opening up. This will contribute to having a negative impact on the user experience.

  • Analytics

 Having a website means that you need to regularly review and update it. Since no website is perfect, it constantly needs to be changed, adapted and optimised to perform well.

Make sure that your website is set up so you can collect the required data you need for marketing to your customers. Using Google Analytics, a website designed with a good infrastructure can record the necessary information. However, it will require some advanced development and customisation to your tracking to ensure you can gather the information you require. Google Analytics can undoubtedly measure how successful your new website and digital marketing strategy is doing as a whole.

  • Branding

 A badly designed website can be spotted in a few minutes. Users will never tell you all the negative points about your website such as being slow or links not working, but they can certainly criticise your business based on how your website looks. Any negative opinions about your website will affect your branding too.

So your website needs to ensure that your visitors have a positive experience every time they visit it.

Whenever a user clicks on your website, they will acquire a perception of your image or brand. So your website must reflect your brand. If it creates a bad impression on your visitors, then this will affect your brand image too.


Web design can have a massive impact on your digital marketing strategy. A badly designed web design may affect your brand image too. So it is important that you properly plan your digital marketing strategy and consider everything possible to have a positive outcome.

A well-designed website plays a vital role in digital marketing services, so putting all your efforts in without doing proper research or having the right knowledge, may create a negative result. So contact a reputable web design and digital marketing company who will guide you through the whole process.

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