Prowexx LTD

Established in 2018, Prowexx is the leading online platform dedicated to streamlining the relationship between small producers and the UK market. Prowexx focuses on emerging markets SMEs who would like to tap into the UK market and provides them with assistance with the export procedure, a platform to market their products and financial solutions to conduct such activity.

Project Details

Prowexx approached us and required a website that would assist them with brand development to help them position themselves as a modern and experienced advisory service which would help change the way international trade is conducted. Their branding needed to reflect its flexible approach and experience within their field. We were tasked to create a very informative and detailed website that was GDPR compliant and included the following elements:

• User account create
• Buyer is registered to communicate with Seller
• Seller is registered to communicate with Buyer
• The procedure of trading is explained
• Multi-lingual functionality

In addition to these items, the client asked for their website to be mobile compatible which could be viewed on different mobile devices. Once the project was completed, we carried out On-Page SEO to check to see if our client’s website complied with all of the on-page SEO elements.

Written In

 CSS3    HTML5    Javascript    PHP   

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