Noor Al Arab Technical Services LLC

Noor Al Arab is one of the best interlock installation companies in Dubai. They specialise in all types of Interlock Installation and have completed many Interlocks Installation projects around the UAE.

Noor Al Arab will ensure prompt delivery and service, timely completion of projects, resulting in fine quality products. This makes them the Best Interlock Installation Company that you can imagine working with and they follow transparent working ethics that are framed in such a manner so they can provide a second to none service.

Project Details

Noor Al Arab Technical Services came to Silicon Technix to take their existing outdated site and convert it into a modern design. They also specified for it to be mobile compatible which could be viewed on different mobile devices. The client wanted the site to be easy to navigate where they would include all of their Interlock work services on there too. As part of the specification, they asked for us to include a section where they could show their client list.

The project required us to implement an image gallery to showcase all of their projects, which they felt would help inspire users who would visit their website. The final part of the project was to complete the On-Page SEO. This was necessary to check to see if our client’s website complied with all of the on-page SEO elements.

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