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The Value of Content Before Website Design

Value of Content And Designing your website is more than just about creating nice images. To be able to understand what your requirements are, your goals and the kind of customer you want to attract, a web design company needs your Value of Content first of all. Having content in hand allows the web design company to think about the best was to present you and your vision. It gives them the opportunity to suggest ideas that may not have been thought of previously. It also gives the web design company a foundation on where to start. All of these ideas will help your message and ideas be conveyed to your clients and potential customers.

In Essence, creating a website without content is like building a house without plans. Value of Content can often lead to encountering problems which takes both time and money to fix.

Features Of Value of Content

The Website Content normally consists of the following:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • Animation
  • Sound

By having upfront content available, even if it is in the raw stages, better decisions and recommendations can be made about the site’s design and layout. As a design company, it helps to know how the layout of the website should look and fit to each specific task (or message). In addition to this, by having content for forms, product layouts and galleries, your website can be optimised better for your visitors’ experience.
Whilst graphic style in important, it should happen at the correct time among the project to really permit you to showcases the web site content.

Since your website is a long-term advertising investment, make sure that you spend the time working out your content way in advance before the initial meeting with a website designer.
It is therefore worthwhile considering the following:-

  • Decide what is and isn’t needed on your website.
  • Make sure your content is in line with both your business and your website goals.
  • Provide a first draft of content to your website designer.
  • Consider Landing page content for SEO purposes.
  • Think about how your Home page and blog/news sections will look like as this is what your potential customers/clients will remember you most for.

Overall, thorough and careful planning, can help you end up with an amazing designed website that will work effectively for you.

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