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Are You Using Social Media for Customer Services?

Hearing what your customers say about you on social media can be an invaluable tool, but exploring how to provide Social Media for Customer Services through social media, whether you are just getting started or taking it to the next level is a very important tool to have.

How to use Social Media for Customer Services?

In Social Media for Customer Services order to provide great customer service through social media, you need to determine where to focus your time and resources. Whilst marketing efforts may help to drive traffic to social media sites, it’s important to keep up to date with where else your customer may already be socialising. Most companies would use Facebook and Twitter as their main focus. However larger companies may find that their customers also use Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat to name but a few.

Social Media for Customer Services sites such as Facebook and Twitter have evolved to become more prominent platforms to market and advised products on. They are also valid and important channels though which consumers look to receive customer comments and service too.

With tech-savvy young consumers communicating via social media channels more than ever as opposed to over the phone or by email. For these consumers, the idea of finding a customer service phone number and waiting on hold for half an hour or of sending an email and waiting hours for a response, is likely to seem cumbersome, slow and inefficient.

Through the main social media platforms, your allocated customer service staff member can receive an immediate notification of when a customer messages you or submits a post and can get back to them straight away.

Customer service via social media is in fact, the closest a company that doesn’t have direct face-to-face customer interaction can get to providing a fully personal service and removes known customer annoyances like keypad menus for customer service phone lines and automated email replies.

On a final note, social media as a method of customer service, also provides benefits for both companies and customers in terms of the follow up. For the customer, if a problem is not immediately resolved or a question instantaneously answered, there is already a direct channel of communication open for further contact. That means that they won’t have to go through the rigmarole of calling the customer service line and risk speaking to a different individual who isn’t familiar with their issue.

Instead they can simply reply to the company’s most recent message, comment on their post or do whatever is most appropriate for the platform in question and the allocated staff member from the company will have access to the full string of communication so far.

For the company’s point of view, the ease and immediacy of communication combines to make it much simpler to follow up on Social Media for Customer Services enquiries and to check with customer’s that their experience was satisfactory. A quick Social Media for Customer Services message to check that a customer’s query was effectively answered, would be welcomed by most consumers as well.

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