Projects Using e-Commerce

Alzajil Store

Alzajil Store is a UK based company that offers a digital online store to sell their products like tea, tea accessories, cargo packing material plus lots of other items. Our client hired us as they needed a website to match their other Alzajil brands, but also wanted to give their consumers something unique to view compared to what other similar companies were selling. In addition to what was required, the client requested to have an online storefront E-commerce website where they could sell all their tea and other items to ultimately increase their sales.

Laiba Food

Laiba Foods is a food manufacturing company which imports & exports raw materials, offers bulk purchasing and product facilitation. Their company has been promoting its products like Salt, Vinegar and Tomato Ketchup for many years.

Infinity Mist

Infinity Mist is an online E-cigarette company that sells different flavours of E-cigarettes. They also sell E-cigarette kits which come with a variety of different packaging.