Online Shopping Projects

Soomaal Investment

Soomaal Investment is an investment platform that looks to help Somali start-up companies grow and succeed anywhere in the world, primarily in Somaliland & Somalia. They are looking to help develop the country and strive to build the economy. The idea is that they will help the Somalian start-up companies gain investors as well as help to grow these companies to reach new heights. From the investor’s point of view, they will be given full decision-making capacity as to which companies are eligible for funding. For any company that is being invested into, will also give the investors a share in their business and allows them to grow with them as well.

Alzajil Cargo

ALZAJIL Cargo provides a complete freight and forwarding service for importers and exporters operating within the United Kingdom. They specialise in a seamless process between the UK and customers in the Middle East, offering multi-lingual support in the fluid arena of customs, freight and warehousing. They provide the most extensive and professional forwarding services to its customers and agents and use streamlined processes to ensure competitive pricing and a super-fast turnaround time.  Alzajil Cargo’s mission is to accomplish absolute perfection and make full use of all developmental innovations in the cargo industry.

Alzajil Store

Alzajil Store is a UK based company that offers a digital online store to sell their products like tea, tea accessories, cargo packing material plus lots of other items. Our client hired us as they needed a website to match their other Alzajil brands, but also wanted to give their consumers something unique to view compared to what other similar companies were selling. In addition to what was required, the client requested to have an online storefront E-commerce website where they could sell all their tea and other items to ultimately increase their sales.

Alzajil Group

Al Zajil Cargo and their team help customers all over the world with their transport and logistic needs. Regardless of the size of the job, they aim to provide a solution that best serves the interests of the customer in terms of time and price. This requires experience, flexibility, and creativity. Their mission is to accomplish absolute perfection and make full use of all developmental innovations in the services industry.

UET United Hands

UET United Hands was founded on 14 August 2001 and registered in the UK. They help students by renovating their schools’ buildings, buying new furniture, buying books and clothes for the needy students and providing clean water to the school.

UET United Hands also provide financial assistance to those students whose parents can’t afford school fee and their poverty stop them sending their kids to schools.

Laiba Food

Laiba Foods is a food manufacturing company which imports & exports raw materials, offers bulk purchasing and product facilitation. Their company has been promoting its products like Salt, Vinegar and Tomato Ketchup for many years.

ExComS Certification

Express Communication Services Limited (ExComS) provides end-to-end solutions and IT support in IT training, Technical Consultancy and IT Certification. They have a highly experienced team of Level I, Level II and Level III Technical Support Engineers, Consultants, Project Managers and Project Coordinators ready to support anyone needs.

Infinity Mist

Infinity Mist is an online E-cigarette company that sells different flavours of E-cigarettes. They also sell E-cigarette kits which come with a variety of different packaging.